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Quick Guide To Carpet Stain Removal: Call The Experts!

Accidents happen – Period. If you have carpeted floors, you have to be extra cautious about dirt and staining. Removing stains from carpets is anything but easy, and think again before using those DIY solutions and readymade stain removers. Most of the solutions contain harsh chemicals, and you may end up causing more damage to the carpet. Discoloration and further staining being the common outcomes. There are companies that specialize in stain removal Las Vegas, and you can contact them for a thorough clean-up.

My carpet is stained. Now what?

Well, a number of things can cause carpet staining. This could be related to spillage or pet urine. The foremost thing to do is soak the extra liquid from the carpet. Use regular tissues for that and ensure that all the extra liquid is removed from the carpets. Some liquids, such as coffee and wine, can cause serious stains. Greases and oils are even hard to remove. Once you are done with soaking the spill, the next step is to call a carpet cleaning company that specializes in stain removal.

The dos and don’ts

  • Do not use hot water in case of blood stains
  • Don’t try to clean stains using available market solutions
  • Do not use products that contain hydrogen peroxide
  • Do call a company for carpet cleaning and stain removal as early as possible

How to hire a carpet cleaning company?

Not all carpet cleaning companies are equal, so do your homework well. Find more about services that have good reviews, and if required, ask for references. It is necessary to know the processes and steps that a company follows for stain removal. The last thing you would expect are discoloured carpets. Talk to the carpet cleaning service to know what equipment and processes they follow, and if they have an in-house team for the job. The company needs to also offer an estimate in advance, and you may want to know the time required for the job. The cost of stain removal alone depends on the extent of staining, but at the least, you can expect a clear estimate.

Final word

Don’t let those stains impact the aesthetics of your home. Ask around to find carpet cleaning companies and contact a few to know their response. The company should specialize in removing all kinds of stains and odor from carpets and must offer some warranty or assurance on the job. Shortlist the options now!

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