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4 Reasons why You should Clean Your Air Filters on a Regular Basis

Air filters are the center and most underestimate components of any AC unit. Apart from filtering the bits of pollen and dust, they also enhance the indoor air quality. They are deemed the first line of defense against lumpier objects like loose insulation being sucked into the system where it can pose a damage or a fire risk. If you don’t know how to change central air filter, here is how to do it. When you don’t change your air filter on a regular basis, it can backfire at you. The numero uno cause of HVAC system failure is the clogged air filters. As the air filter captures more and more pollutants of your home, a fine mesh is created and the air that passes become denser. When you don’t change it on a regular basis, the air cannot pass through thoroughly. Here is what happens when you don’t change the air filters:

  1. The barrier in moving air signifies that your living areas may not have access to all the air they

This denotes a poor home comfort and the temperature sensors that help in regulation of HVAC when the system is on or off may not even acknowledge the temperature required to signal the system to power down. This is the second source of expense as it puts more pressure on the fan motor.

  1. The blower fan equipped in the HVAC system works harder to push forth the air

When your HVAC system works harder, it draws more energy, means higher energy bills for you. And this strain also causes more wear and tear to the unit.

  1. The extra material present on the air filter itself offers a space for the moisture to accumulate that empowers the growth of mold or bacteria colonies

Apart from being a rigid barrier for air circulation, they also colonize at the wrong side of the air filter. And this is how more pollutants and allergens are let into the indoor air. When they get into the HVAC system and more colonies are formed, there could be a whole lot of snafus for the complete HVAC system.

  1. As the heated or cooled air cannot flow out of the furnace, AC or the heat pump, a risk of overheating or freezing up is posed on the system.

Eventually, you will have to pay the same amount of energy, gas or oil, but there will be no change in the temperature indoors.

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